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Art is the Answer. You can be a part of its creation.
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We sponsor annual Deep Winter Writing Residencies every January for writers of all genres. Applications are accepted September 15 thru October 25, and awards are announced on October 30th. The residencies vary from 3-7 days, depending on preference and availability.

We also offer year-round self-funded openings for non-awarded residencies and personal and organizational retreats. Retreat time in a serene setting can often inform larger decisions, help in problem-solving, and renew inspiration, so consider giving yourself or someone you love the gift of time and space. Book yourself on-line, or contact us at

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Your organization can design and sponsor an annual residency, via our non-profit, which may be tax-deductible, based on 501(c)3 guidelines. It's an incredible way to spark up-leveling of a creative's work! Contact us to tailor the perfect organizational residency.

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Snowfall in deep winter on The Hill.

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