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Welcome to our humble sanctuary
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​The Hundredth Hill's Artist Residences, Grounds, and Creative Spaces are available for personal, non-profit, and organizational bookings, and we love exploring the possibilities inherent in our 50-acre slice of heaven.

We focus on fostering the arts, yet we strive not to fall into the category of venue. In order to preserve the integrity of the natural space and woodlands, weddings, parties, camping, and stage rentals don't reside within our mission. We stage semi-annual collaborative performance weekends, but prefer most of our nights to be filled with the sounds of tree frogs, whippoorwills, barn owls, and maybe most sweetly, the silence of the beautiful night sky, while we watch the moons of Saturn spin in our telescope lens.

If you're looking for inspiration in your art, your work, your team, or your life in general, you've found the hundredth hill you've maybe seen in the distance... the one over which the sun sets in pinks and golds and deep blues, and where everything is always possible.

Contact us with your questions.

Hundredth Hill field
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Around the Hill

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