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Jill Botle Taylor


Bestselling Author and


Jill Bolte Taylor

Ideas need a place to grow. 

50 acres of pristine Indiana woodland, with beautiful artist residences, a recording studio, workshop, stages, and most importantly: room to breathe.
Aerial View Hundredth Hill
Hundredth Hill Stage

Featuring original, upcycled, and finely-crafted residences, and unique arts spaces, The Hundredth Hill offers artists and leaders a quiet, inspiring retreat in the rolling green woodlands of Southern Indiana. Make your way to The Hundredth Hill to create, think, reconnect with your work, and make progress on world-changing projects. Explore our residences, recording studio, workshop, and performance spaces and reserve a day-long or weeks-long retreat for yourself or your organization today.

Artists create and innovate for the benefit of us all.

The Hundredth Hill is not only a retreat space, but we also operate a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides incubation space to the community of artists, as well as supporting outreach programs and arts equity initiatives. Your generosity is the catalyst to creativity and may be tax-deductible.

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