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Designed by renowned Studio Designer Wes Lachot,  Airtime Studios has one of the most accurate listening environments in the midwest, from the mass loaded soffit mounted Tannoy speakers, the Reflection Free Zone geometry, to the custom RPG duffusion panels, the room is designed from top to bottom to give the listener the best possible reproduction of their music.

The best part? Airtime is available to reserve for your project or residency!

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Rates and Reservations

Our studio space is available to rent at a rate of $400 a day. Discounted rates for our residences are available with studio rental- contact us for more details!
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"In this world of disappearing studios, Airtime is a hidden jewel. Tucked away in the rural, real world beauty of Indiana, it allows the creative process to take place without interruption, or distraction." 

~ Steve Lunt (A&R, Composer, Arranger, Producer (Straight No Chaser, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC)

I have done many projects with Dave Weber at Airtime Studio. I am very particular about the rooms I work in and the engineers I work with. Airtime is now the preferred studio for my projects from tracking to mixing.

— Gary Katz - Producer (Steely Dan)



Meet Dave Weber, audio engineering wizard

A graduate of the IU Jacobs School of Music Recording Arts program, David Weber has been recording and producing music since first encountering a four track cassette recorder in the early eighties. As a musician first and foremost, he  understands very well the need for a relaxed and effortless environment for the process of creating music. Everything about his building of the studio is designed to enhance the experience for the artists.

Consultation and sound engineering with Hundredth Hill founder and master audio engineer David Weber are available on a case by case basis. If you'd like support on your recording project, drop us a line.

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