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krista detor: resident artist director

Resident Artist Director Krista Detor is an award-winning Musician, Composer, & Writer. She's been recognized by the Indiana Legislature for Contributions to the Arts, as well as featured on the award-winning 'Wilderness Plots,' in steady rotation on PBS National.


During the 2020 pandemic crisis, she collaborated with NYU graduates to stage the only live traditional theatre experience anywhere in the country, for which she was featured in Forbes magazine.


Her work as a musician and writer has taken her across the globe, and The Hundredth Hill is her response to a world in need of imaginative solutions to deep social and environmental crises. She and her husband, Technical Director David Weber, work to foster the artistic visions of cross-genre and generational artists by providing them space and resource, in order that they might creatively facilitate human ingenuity, understanding, and sustainability. Art is the answer. 

david weber: technical director

With dual degrees in Recording Arts and Fine Arts, David Weber has been
creating across genres his entire life. As a music producer/engineer, he
understands very well the need for a relaxed and effortless environment in the process of generating art, and has designed and built nearly every structure at The Hundredth Hill with this in mind.

A former catcher on the flying trapeze, Dave toured with The Flying Espanas in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, so he's no stranger to improvisation. Our ‘master of the material plane’ - there’s nothing that Dave can’t fix or fashion - and he keeps an array of materials, tools, bits, and bobs at the ready.

You can find him at the helm of Airtime Studios.

advisory board

Sandi Clark.jpg

Sandra Clark

Consultant, Counselor, Community Arts Leader


Norris J. Chumley, Ph.D. Producer, Director,

& Author


Jesse Eisenberg

Actor, Author, & Playwright


Dena El Saffar
Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Educator 


WonSook Kim

Artist & Philanthropist

Danielle McClelland.jpeg

Danielle McClelland Writer, Director, & Producer

Destiny Blue Dress Head Shot jpeg.jpeg

Destiny Muhammad

Musician & Composer

Chad Rabinowitz.jpeg

Chad Rabinowitz Producing Artistic Director

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 4.04.37 PM.png

Anna Strout 

Producer, Educator 
& Activist


Dreya Weber

Actress, Producer, Director, & Aerialist


Vito Zingarelli

Producing & Program Director

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